The Love campaign starts this week, where Destonians around the world are looking into Love - as that which became the reflection of this world system of the mind and economic survival - and re-defining it to become actual real change. 
Today's Love is a Commodity, something that is provided, exchanged, sometimes bought, let, consumed always in self-interest, ego, desire, need and, ultimately, based on fear of facing oneself.

Love is a commodity to which women and men accept and allow self to accommodate, the same way we have a money system that has last centuries due to the accommodation of Humanity to survival, in complete disrespect and disregards for Life ...

Who invented Love in such unfairness? Where does the accommodation come from? Who is selling and buying Love nowadays?
Everyone; Everywhere; Everyone.
Despite the fact that one sees the inequality and backchat around love stories, the latter are still on the top of search engines, hastags and facebook sharings. The Love has been used to cover all forms of self-responsibility, keeping one entertained with dreams and hopes, as if one is not in charge of emotions, reactions and feelings.
Love just like the humans, changes according to the energetic movements always jumping between the positive and the negative in the human's physical body. That is why thus far no one walked in self-stability, because we haven't let go of the accepted and allowed patterns of the mind to take over the movement of the breath. Love will never create peace, just like this system will never create peace.
"Love is Low". "Love is high". "Love is light." as it has been defined and promoted throughout time in the media to makes us as lovely consumers. Isn't it wonderful?
Let's say out loud: LOVE IS A LIE.

In this 7 years of process recreating myself, I dedicate myself to stop the lie within myself and this world to recreate myself for real, as an example of LIFE.

As Lindsay wrote on her amazing Journey To Life blog, in this self-agreement, "I agree to ensure that all decisions, all movements, all relationships are aligned to what is best for all and not a single shred of Self-Interest is allowed".
I have been realizing that the emotions of the so called love are energetic possession that are based on fear of lost, instability and fear of being alone. So who invented Love?? - The same mind that invented the money system. Not that difficult to see hein?
Once these patterns are seen, the decision of standing for and as Life steps in. From my experience, if I do not walk the decision to become/do what is best for all, I live the and in consequence. It would be such a waste of Self, as Life, if not allowing myself to Self-Love and Live-Self, in oneness and equality, stopping the mind and getting real in this physical reality.

But how can we See the Love that we have become? Isn't this a blindness?
The only way to see what Love really is, as that which we have accepted ourselves to become, if through Self-Honesty. By seeing myself as the deception, stuck in hope and illusions and plans, I start seeing what is going on inside me/around me Here, Now. This then leads me to FORGIVE MYSELF for that which I have accepted and allowed to exist, participate and create in this world as this self-anger, self-indulgence, acceptance without considering doing/being the best of me for the best for all. I Stop, I breathe and I walk the decision to live the new version of Love as Life on this Earth, in real practical application guaranteeing that no Lives are lost due to profit and abuse. Thus, only a system that Values Life can remain as an example of Love thy Neighbor as Thyself.

For more information about the 7 year process and Self-Forgiveness Statements, go to:

Creation's journey to life
Heaven's journey to life

Artwork "What Real Love Is" by Kelly Posey

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